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 Zanin's ReptileZ! 

Thanks for checking out Zanin's ReptileZ! I'm Mike, the owner and operator of ZRZ. I've been working with exotics since I was a teenager with my very first job at a pet shop in Metro Detroit. I am a retired veteran of 22 years in the Army. I bring many of the values that were taught to me in the military to my business. Honesty, integrity, and hard work is what we are about! The quality animals that I work to provide you with are a reflection of who I am as a person, and my reputation is everything to me. I will always do my best to make sure I do right by my customers!



We invite you to visit us...

We do much of our business by vending at local Exotic Animal Expos. We will be adding a calendar with the dates and locations of the shows that we will be doing, and you can also visit us on Facebook to keep up with where we will be! We also provide shipping anywhere in the continental United States and can arrange local pick up as well.

  • Shipping: Yes we now can ship anywhere in the Continental United States! Customer is responsible for shipping cost and cost is based on location.

  • Our Guarantee: We strive to ensure that the animals we sell are healthy and thriving. Every baby reptile that we bring to a show is verified to have eaten 4 meals. If an animal that you have purchased dies within the first 7 days a full refund will be given once we receive proof of death (full body pictures top, sides, and belly), pictures of the enclosure that you kept the animal in, along with temperature and humidity readings.

  • Note: This is simply to verify that the death was not accidentally caused by husbandry issues or physical trauma to the snake. It's unfortunate that I have to even put this here but I have had people try to get refunds after their animal perishes from things like a cat attack or severe husbandry issues.

  • PAYMENT PLANS AVAILABLE: for purchases over $400.00. Payment plan requires a minimum 25% deposit to guarantee the hold. All payment plans must be paid IN FULL within 30 days of the invoice date. Failure to complete payments in the allotted time frame will result in forfeiture of the purchase without refund. Deposits are non-refundable.

  • BE A RESPONSIBLE PET OWNER PLEASE! If you are buying an animal, please be prepared and educated in the care of that animal. If for some reason there is an issue with the animal not thriving contact me IMMEDIATELY to inform me of the issues. I am here as a resource and am happy to give assistance in correcting the issues. 99% of the time I can point out minor adjustments that can be made to correct the situation. This only works though if you contact me right away. Do not message me 3 months after the issue began and your animal is at death's door. Do not tell me that you sought the advice of Joe Knowitall on some Facebook page to correct the issue and then want me to fix everything or refund your money because you got bad care advice from someone you don't even know when I have already offered myself as a resource. ASK ME THE QUESTIONS AND BE A RESPONSIBLE PET OWNER.

Shipping and Policies:
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